Getting a icash2.0
  • Where to buy
  • How to add value
  • Transaction inquiry

Where to buy

■ Physical stores

You can purchase icash2.0 cards at 7-ELEVEN, Taipei Metro, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, 21 Century and Mister Donut, etc. (Card type sold varies up to stores)

■ Internet sale


How to add value

The card topped up repeatedly. The maximum value that can be stored on the card is NT $10,000. Once credit is added to the card, please first confirm the【amount after add value 】listed on the transaction details to make sure there are no errors before leaving.

■ Specified add value agencies

7-ELEVEN, Carrefour, Taiwan Railways, Metro Taipei, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, Taoyuan Metro, Taichung Metro, BEING fit, mcdonald, Hi-Life and HSIN TUNG YANG.

■ add value machines at metro stations

Metro Taipei, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, Taoyuan Metro and Taichung Metro.

Transaction inquiry

■ ibon machine

Check your latest transaction records and remaining balance, please go to a 7-ELEVEN store and check on the ibon machine

operation method

■ Online inquiry

You are welcome to use the icash online inquiry. It is currently opened to check for transaction history records for up to three days.

Inquire now