icash2.0 card purchase-related questions

  • QWhere can I purchase an icash2.0 card?
    Purchase on-site: All 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide; purchase over the internet: ibon mart/books.com.tw
  • QDoes the icash2.0 card have expiry dates?
    The amount added to the card has no expiry date.
  • QCan the icash2.0 card be used for the metro or buses?
    The Metro here refers to metro Taipei and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit. Railway refers to Taiwan Railway. Buses refer to buses in the Taipei City area and New Taipei City area.
    Please visit the official website for details
  • QWhat should I do if my icash2.0 was lost or stolen?
    If name setting was not registered for your icash2.0 card, the loss of the card is viewed as loss of cash. It cannot be refunded for the remaining balance. Please purchase a new card for use.
    If name setting was registered for your icash2.0 card, please call the customer service center of our company to get support.
  • QHow can I get refund from my icash2.0 card?
    1. Contract can be terminated for the icash2.0 and refunded, but related fees are required (such as bank remittance fee and contract termination processing fee etc.). After the contact has been terminated for that icash2.0 card, the card can no longer be used.
    2. Partial or full refunds can be given for registered icash2.0 cards, but related fees are required. Even the registered card has been refunded, the card can continued to be used until it is required to be terminated.
    3. Please go to a 7-ELEVEn store to ask for an icash card mail back envelop and place your icash2.0 card and copy of your bank account (Taiwan account) in the envelop and go to a post office counter to mail it back. Our company’s customer service personnel will actively contact you as soon as your application case has been received.
      no name setting icash2.0 Registered icash2.0 Fee required
      ◆Contract termination processing fee: NT $20
      ◆Remittance fee: NT $15
      ◆Registered mail fee: NT $2
      Refund only
      but no
      contract termination
      ◆Remittance fee: NT $15
      ◆Registered mail fee: NT $25
    4. Please visit the Taipei icash service center from Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00 to apply for icash2.0 card return and refund (limited to under NT $3,000). Address: Metro Taipei “City Hall Station” (near exit 2), 1st floor, Taipei City Hall Bus Station.
  • QWhere can I add value my icash2.0 card if I have insufficient remaining balance?
    Locations where you can add value are as follows:
    1. 7-ELEVEN
    2. Information desk and automatic single-trip ticket machines of each Metro Taipei station
    3. Information desk and automatic single-trip ticket machines of each Kaohsiung Rapid Transit station
    4. Taiwan Railway ticket office
    5. Carrefour checkout counter